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Your distributor in the CIS

The engineering company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ is permanently looking for new business partners interested in the markets in Russia & the CIS countries as well as willing to expand their presence on them, to widen its business segment and to move to a new international level. We hold an interest in those manufacturers who are searching for good-faith authorized distributors to deliver their equipment to the industrial enterprises in Russia (Moscow, Ural (Nizhniy Tagil), Bashkortostan (Ufa), Lipetsk, Cherepovets), & in the CIS countries: Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Ukraine (Kiev), the Baltic states, Belarus, Turkmenistan.

The Company top management & its employees posses the profound knowledge of Russian & the CIS market as well as the laws according to which they function. Our Company constantly monitors the market deviations and responds promptly towards the changing environment, considers the industry specifics of the customer financial and operating activities. All our managers have a wide customer network and a broad sales experience in Russia & in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Our managers have strong business relations and contacts with potential consumers of your products enabling to indentify the promising segments of products promotion, to sell efficiently, to enter the new market promptly as well as to develop and expand your business. The Company’s personnel constantly communicate with and meet our customers, hold presentations about the latest elaborations of our partner-manufacturers.. The Company employees point out the technical tasks and permanently keep in touch with all service divisions of our customers. Therefore we have exceptional experience in doing business in Russia & the CIS (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the Baltic States etc.) and understanding of the machinery with which the industrial enterprises are equipped, as well as their most important requirements for modernization.

When being your official distributor, our proficient managers and marketing department conduct the market research, analyze your product from the point of view of demand on the enterprises in Russia & the CIS countries, determine the market size & its growth potential, analyze industry on the whole.

The Company’s personnel conduct research on the question of potential consumers of your products, analyze what product exactly out of your product line can be attractive for potential clients in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan etc., find the way to widen the customer network, identify the outlook for definite products in the region.

The engineering Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ analyze compliance between the equipment you offer and the customer needs, determine the impact of the specific product on the market in general and detach the customer categories marking out the most promising and largest. INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ in collaboration with its key partner ENCE GmbH, Switzerland will enhance the competitiveness of your products not just on the Russian market (Moscow, Ural (Nizhniy Tagil), Bashkortostan (Ufa), Lipetsk, Cherepovets), but also in the CIS countries: Kazakhstan (Almaty, Atyrau), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Ukraine (Kiev), the Baltic States, where we have the representative offices. Our personnel in the CIS offices can carry out aggressive promotion of your products not only in Russian, but also using the native language of the country on the territory of which you plan to develop your business. We can help bring your equipment in line with the industrial enterprises requirements and coordinate the sales process.

INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ, while being your distributor, arranges the certification of definite equipment series, various product types or manufacture at large, in accordance with the standards of Russia and other CIS countries. The engineering Company INTECH GmbH / ИНТЕХ ГмбХ assist in obtaining the following certificates: GOST R, Fire safety, Phytosanitary control & Approval for hazardous area equipment application issued by Federal Service for Ecological, Technological & Atomic Inspection of Russia (ROSTECHNADZOR), as well as in completing the data sheets in compliance with the Russian Federation standards (GOST RF).

While acting as your official distributor, our Company monitors the market with the aim to find out the buyers of your products, conducts technical & commercial negotiations with the customers on the question of equipment delivery as well as signs the respective contracts. In case of tender participation necessity we fulfill the collection and preparation of all the necessary documentation, sign all types of contracts enabling your equipment delivery: customs contracts, bank contracts, expert & consulting agencies contracts. The Company has the logistics department, which manages transportation on DAP or DDP-customer’s warehouse conditions, packing and loading of goods, considering the legal rules and requirements of a definite market. You are also welcome to hire us for after-sales service.

We are always open for collaboration, let’s go forward together!