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since 1997
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Our Ethics and Values

  • Transparency, fairness, honesty and decency are necessary elements of partnership considered by the Company LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ" to be of principal importance. The result achieved is not the only thing important to us, but the stages which bring the result nearer are also under our attention.

  • The Company’s long-term objectives and quality of engineering services provided are of doubtless priority versus short-term benefit. Our relationships with customers are based on long-term mutual trust, honesty, respect and tolerance, the things that save our Customers’ time & enable our mutual sufficient and stable success, because we treat our Clients’ success as a solid foundation of LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ" further development.
  • We highly appreciate our Customers reliance and confirm this fact by permanent working out of services and quality improving, as well as by developing products and services useful and interesting to them. Our engineering company always tries to follow the advanced, breakthrough, cutting-edge technologies and elaborations, updates its databases, monitors the key market trends and changes, keeps its knowledge and technical solutions supplied in line with constantly growing market demand and changing needs of the company’s customers

  • Providing our engineering services without delay as well as exceptional quality and security of supplied equipment are the Company main goals and the primary principles of market competition.
  • Our company never undertakes impossible obligations, used to keep its promises and always takes responsibility for the absolute compliance with the Customer requirements and schedule of works fulfilled.
  • We should develop innovative ideas and be creative and flexible in the process of cooperation with our Customers , escape stereotypes, try out new concepts, solve problems carefully and promptly, and do business in line with current market trends. LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ" always appreciates and encourages initiatives of its employees, and welcomes their challenging ideas. Our Staff is comprised of dedicated experts!

  • What synergy means to us. The company estimates highly the performance of each team-player, but supposes that just together we can become a marker leader. Our aims cannot be achieved by an individual or a group, that’s why our management arranged prompt and effective interaction between the Company departments. Willingness of every staff member to do the best to achieve our mutual goals, help and support of the colleagues, prompt exchange of the information among the team-members, as well as readiness of individuals to take the responsibility for our mutual goals and results – are the keystones of the Company future success, aspiration for development, a possibility of introducing innovative technologies and ideas to our customers without delay.
  • Punctuality in the process of cooperation with our Customers, following the code of ethics, keeping promises, maintaining many sided commercial relationships, complying with all rules and regulations, providing engineering services of high quality, responsibility and fair play, carrying out the obligations – these are among the main principles and key success factors of our Russian engineering company LCC "INTECH GmbH" / ООО "ИНТЕХ ГмбХ"!